Sunday, October 21, 2007

Saif Ali Khan - Kareena Kapoor - Shaheed Kapoor Affair:Triangle or no angle ?

This is an hot topic now a days, Kareena and Saif Ali Khan being couple when she has dumped Shahid Kapoor quietly. It is said that she did that because of Shahid's getting close to Amrita Rao while they were together on shoot of Vivah. When Shahid was asked about his relation with Kareena in recent days, then he said that now you see no one with me then consider me as Single. On the other hand Kareena just denied to comment on anything.

There is Saif Ali Khan, who said that we are happy together (Kareena and him) so nothing to doubt.

on the other hand it has been told that Amritha rao has shifted her house near to shahid Kapoor...when media asked her about this she refused to comment..

source : etalkindia

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