Friday, October 19, 2007

Story of Om Shanti Om

Sanjay leela bhansali may be keeping a mum on the plot of his movie Saawariya, but Farah khan doesn't want to keep any secrets as she has revealed the plot of the movie literally.As we all know that the movie is based in 1970's, and is on the theme of Reincarnation but now you will all know what Om shanti Om is all about

Set in 1970, Om Shanti Om is about a junior artist and his unspoken love for a top actress (Deepika) who in turn loves a Bollywood mogul (Arjun Rampal in a negative role). Although Deepika is aware of SRK’s feelings she doesn't reciprocate. But one night when Arjun decides to take advantage of Deepika, she resists and a furious Arjun stabs her. Shah Rukh witnesses the scene and tries to save her, but gets stabbed in the bargain. While dying Deepika finally reveals that she also loved Shah Rukh and in true Romeo and Juliet style the unfortunate lovers die in each other’s arms. This is perhaps Farah's tribute to the memorable climaxes of Ek Duje Ke Liye and QSQT.

Fast forward to 2007 and a reincarnated SRK is a top musician with the world swooning over him. Deepika on the other hand plays the regular college-going sweetheart (bit like Tina Munim in Karz). Of course just like Karz and Karan Arjun SRK keeps hallucinating about his past life leading to an Ek Hasina Thi like musical climax where an aged Arjun (stepping into Simi Garewal's shoes) comes face to face with the couple. There is also a tribute to the legendary song in the climax.

Interestingly Farah also does a John Jaani Janardhan (Naseeb) with SRK (doing a Bachchan yet again!) where the actor dances with all the top stars of Bollywood.

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