Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Vidya Balan on her Relationship with shahid Kapoor

Vidya Balan has been accused of breaking up Shahid Kapoor and Kareena Kapoor's relationship. In a free-wheeling interview, Vidya clears the air.

What is your reaction to the buzz about you and Shahid Kapoor dating each other?
I have been through such situations when things have been written about me and there was no iota of truth in them. I'm not affected by all this.

Are you dating Shahid?

But Shahid has said that he bonded well with you.
Yes, we get along very well with each other. But that does not mean that we are having an affair.

It's said that Shahid and you went to his house after the trial show of Jab We Met?
That's rubbish. I left much before Shahid did. (Laughs) I want to know where Shahid lives.

Yari Road, Versova...
Oh God! Don't take my last sentence literally. In that case, everybody knows that I stay in Chembur. Everybody knows where Preity Zinta, Priyanka Chopra and Shah Rukh Khan live.

Is it true that Shahid had invited you for the trial show?
Yes. As a co-actor.

Someone wrote that you were playing the hostess at the trial?
After reading that piece, Milap Zaveri (writer of Heyy Baby) messaged me, saying, "How could you be beside Shahid and play the hostess unless you were in the form of Manjulika - the ghost character you played in Bhool Bhulaiya?"

What do you like about Shahid?
He is a great actor.

Do you find him handsome?
(Laughs) My God! What a question! Honestly, I have disconnected myself from such things. I am too involved in my work. I am not giving any time and attention to my personal life.

Has Shahid confided in you and told you about his break-up with Kareena?
No. He does not discuss his personal life with me.

Have you been receiving hate mails from fans who want to see Shahid and Kareena reunite?
No. Nobody has asked me anything about Shahid and Kareena's break up. Not even the television channels.

Has Kareena messaged you after the rumours about your relationship with Shahid began floating?

Have you met Kareena?
I had met her only once at a trial show. That was long ago.

Is it possible that your relationship with Shahid becomes more meaningful in the future?
I am not thinking right now about what will happen in my personal life in future.

source : mumbaimirror

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