Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Dangerous stunt by Zayed Khan in Mission Istanbul

The stunt was so dangerous that director Apoorva Lakhia wanted a body double to do it.

Lakhia, along with Zayed Khan and Vivek Oberoi , has been shooting his film Mission Istanbul in Turkey. The film is an action thriller based on the issue of terrorism.

Recently, Lakhia filmed a risky stunt scene for the movie. The stunt was supposed to show Zayed Khan’s character crashing out through a glass window, falling down eight floors and landing on a truck.

Because the stunt was potentially dangerous, Apoorva Lakhia wanted a duplicate to do it for Zayed. But the actor was reportedly adamant on doing it himself.

Sadly for Lakhia, none of the film’s two producers ( Sunil Shetty and Shabbir Boxwala) was there to take decision. So Apoorva himself had to take the tough call. He eventually gave in to the adamant Zayed.

Zayed reportedly did the stunt with aplomb.

Everyone on the sets was impressed by Khan’s dare devilry. But Lakhia says he hates to put his heroes in harm’s way.

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