Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Deepika pudukone on her Experience in Om Shanti Om

Believe it or not, but these were the words that marked the beginning of the acting career of Deepika Padukone .

Having had no experience in the film industry, Deepika was nervous when she began shooting for Om Shanti Om , the movie that launches her in Bollywood. Sure, she was comfortable before the camera because she comes from modeling background. But she was not at ease with emoting in front of the camera.

The film’s director Farah Khan apparently sensed Deepika’s apprehensions. Before OSO went on the floors, Farah befriended Deepika and also introduced her to Shah Rukh Khan . So, by the time the film’s shooting started, Deepika knew well the team she was working with.

To make things more comfortable for Deepika, Farah began with shooting the scenes in which she had no dialogues. But soon came the day when Deepika had to speak her first dialogue.

And that dialogue was Kutte, kameene, Bhagwan ke liye mujhe chhod do.

The dialogue was for a scene in which Deepika’s character Shantipriya – an actress in 1970s – shoots for a scene in which a villain forces himself on her. It was a scene within a scene.

Deepika says delivering that dialogue wasn’t difficult as it is one of the famous dialogues from old Hindi films. But it was indeed funny to say those words as the very first dialogue of her acting career.

In OSO, Deepika plays twin roles of an actress in 70s and then in 2007. Shah Rukh Khan, too, plays double roles – a struggling actor Om Prakash Makhija in the 70s and a brawny film star Om Kapoor in 2007.

The film hits the theatres on Friday, November 9.

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