Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Goal is following OSO marketing strategy,Arshad is not upset

SRK’s marketing skills have been an eye-opener for many a star. The level of enthusiasm Badshaah Khan displayed before and after the release of Om Shanti Om has made people realise that if Hindi filmdom’s biggest star can get so aggressive when it comes to promoting a film, those who aren’t media savvy or act pricey for some reason, should wake up and smell coffee.

Meanwhile, John Abraham has flown to London to promote his new release Dhan Dhana Dhan Goal, which opens this Friday worldwide. Back in Mumbai, rumours of Arshad Warsi not wanting to promote the film have gathered momentum, since Arshad feels that the makers are promoting it as a John Abraham starrer mainly.

“I choose not to believe these rumours,” John clarifies the moment he lands at Heathrow, “Arshad has an equally important role in the film. I spoke to him about it, but he said he was extremely busy with other commitments and therefore, was hard-pressed for time. Dhan Dhana Dhan Goal is a story of six important characters; it’s not my film alone.”

Comparisons with Chak De India are inevitable. “Yes, there would be comparisons. But both Chak De India and Goal are two different films, besides showcasing two different sports. Goal is a simple film, it doesn’t have a complicated script,” he adds, perhaps hinting at his previous outing No Smoking.

No Smoking was meant to be a festival film, catering to a select audience. I thought it would bridge the gap between the festival and general movie-going crowd, but I was wrong. It should’ve had a different release strategy as well,” he adds. After promoting the film in U.K., John will fly back to Mumbai on Thursday to participate in the Mumbai premiere of the film.

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