Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Johnny Gaddar - a change in the end

Original DVDs of this year's dark horse Johnny Gaddar are out. One of the most exciting thrillers made in recent times, the film truly pays homage to the Vijay Anand style of film making.

In addition to savouring the film in the comfort of their homes, audiences would also get an opportunity to have a dekko at an ALTERNATE ENDING. Says director Sriram Raghavan, "More than an 'alternate ending', I would call it as an 'extended ending'. As a viewer, you get to see what happens after the lead protagonist in the film is killed." He further divulges, "A couple of more scenes were shot initially but were cut from the final edit of the film. Now they have been restored for the DVD version. To know more watch the DVD."

Sure Sriram! Meanwhile, keep tuning in to have an exclusive dekko at the DVD review.

source : indiaFM

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