Friday, November 9, 2007

Madhuri Misses Mumbai

Madhuri Dixit, who absolutely loves Diwali says she pines for the crackers, the lights, and all the fun associated with it in Mumbai

“I love all festivals. Barring Holi, I try and celebrate all festivals, which even includes Onam and Baisakhi! I am a God loving person and I love attending poojas.

Diwali used to be loads of fun in childhood. The entire process leading up to Diwali, of spring cleaning, making savouries and other preparations used to be so much fun. There would be festive air all over the place and the aroma of chaklis and chivdas being made still makes me nostalgic. We as children used to visit houses
Diwali was so special during childhood because it was associated with the diwali vacation too. Diwali simply suggests unbounded joy and everything new.

I totally miss celebrating Diwali in Mumbai. Bursting crackers, meeting people, and even that ambience is so sorely missed by me. We do celebrate Diwali here, but it is obviously not like back home. We don’t even get crackers here in Denver! We try and make up for the lack of the atmosphere in Mumbai by wearing nice traditional clothes and having lot of sweets.

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