Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Neha Dhupia Reveals her Secrets

Neha Dhupia is willing to reveal her secrets and that too in front of the camera, though strictly for her on-screen character that she plays in STRANGERS IN THE NIGHT, one of the short stories in Sanjay Gupta's DUS KAHANIYAAN.

In the story, she and her on screen husband Mahesh Manjrekar are shown to be sharing a pact where they reveal a secret each of theirs every anniversary. Now it's Neha Dhupia's turn and she tells her hubby about a stranger whom she met in a railway station waiting room. A secret unfolds which leads to uncovering a few hidden layers that may just have been allowed to remain stationed at the place they were.

Will this STRANGER IN THE NIGHT prove to be disastrous for Neha-Mahesh's marital life?

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