Thursday, November 1, 2007

Om Shanti Om made more than 50 crores already

Om Shanti Om releasing this month, but it”s already a winner. The film has already made a profit of over Rs 50 crore. When it comes to selling a film, it”s obvious that Shahrukh Khan still rules the market.

Says a trade source, “Shahrukh has sold to Eros the all-India distribution and overseas rights for Rs 50 crore and the music, home DVDs and satellite rights of Om Shanti Om for Rs 23 and a half crore. OSO is an expensive film made at Rs 35 crore so counting that out, Shahrukh as a producer has made a profit of nearly half a crore even before the release of the film.” The ticket sales of OSO, is bound to take a huge initial and will only add to profits.

Trade analyst Amod Mehra claims, “Om Shanti Om has been sold to at a never-heard-before price. It”s the highest ever price that a film has been sold for in the history of Indian cinema so far and the price is justified only because it is Shahrukh Khan.”

Why has OSO got such a huge price? Amod explains, “The reasons for the huge price are many. Firstly, it”s Shahrukh”s home production. Secondly, the film is about reincarnation and Indian audiences lap up these themes.

And lastly, all of SRK”s releases have done superbly whenever they have released during Diwali (except Veer Zaara). Also, is the biggest overseas draw and there”s a huge buzz on OSO. People are ready to pay the price.”

Taran Adarsh too feels that the film has got such a huge price because it”s been produced by Shahrukh. “OSO is being produced by SRK and stars SRK, it also brings the SRK-Farah Main Hoon Naa combination together. All these factors have resulted in the film being sold for an astronomical price — above Rs 70 crore.

When prices have gone so high SRK is justified in getting that price. As a producer he”s spent lots of money on the promos, to recreate an era that has gone by is expensive.

If the project is big and good then the producer is the king and if you have SRK as the cast then he”s the Shahenshah.”

Farah Khan says, “I have heard that OSO has made a profit of almost Rs 50 crore but I don”t know the exact amount.”

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