Sunday, November 4, 2007

Shahrukh khan in Krissh 2

Who said the impossible could not be made possible? In Bollywood anything is possible… and this time it’s Hrithik Roshan and Shah Rukh Khan together in Krrish 2.

Rumours in Indian newspapers have stated that Bollywood’s number one hero Shah Rukh Khan has accepted a major role offered to him by Filmkraft boss Rakesh Roshan. The two have worked numerous times before and have a great on and off screen charishma. When Rakesh Roshan rung Shah Rukh Khan, offering him a role in one of his forthcoming productions, Shah Rukh said ‘Yes’, without even wanting to know what movie and what kind of part it would be.

It was only after he got a text message on his phone from Hrithik Roshan, that it finally hit him… Shah Rukh Khan had just accepted a superhero role in Krrish 2 (or 3 as to how you think of it). The text message that Hrithik wrote was something on the lines of: KRRISH IS GONNA KICK KROADHS ASS. U BETTER B IN SHAPE.

More rumours have said that Shah Rukh Khan will be playing an alien in human form (Kroadh), who can not be killed… The movie will see both Krrish and Kroadh battle each other for ‘human-kind’. Shah Rukh Khan will not be playing the bad guy in the movie, but an alien with issues. The final battle will involve Hrithik Roshan and Shah Rukh Khan fighting on the same side against the actual bad guy of the fil,

More unconfirmed reports say that Rang De Basanti director Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra will be directing this film as Rakesh Roshan is busy with another project.

If this story is in fact true… and we do get to see Hrithik and Shah Rukh in an all action flick… what will you make out of it? Do you think this movie could break all Box Office records and become the greatest and most popular movie in Indian film industry history? Leave your thoughts is the comments section below.

source : radiosargam


n said...

The Excitement goes out of all limits as two stylish icons appear together on silver screen Can't wait to see Don and Aryan together...This plot rocks

Anonymous said...

Definately, it will take Bollywood to a different dimention.
Can not wait for Krissh 3 to come out!!