Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Shahrukh khan's Dream studio

Shah Rukh Khan, who’s not too happy with the state of most of Mumbai’s studios, has been planning to build his own studio for a while. But believe it or not, money constraints have been stopping the superstar from realising his dreams!

He admits, “Yes, I don’t have enough money to build my own studio, with the rate of properties having gone so high. I want to build it with my own money. I need at least five acres of land to build a proper studio. I am speaking to the government about this, about giving me a proper commercial place for this. But it looks like that dream is slowly being shifted outside Mumbai now.”

Talking about his dream studio, SRK says, “It will obviously be in a better condition than a lot of existing ones. God has given me so much that I think it is my duty to give back something. If I can’t do it, I am not going to kill myself. I still have to make a lot of good films.”

The superstar adds, “I need something to end my career.

Otherwise, I will go on. So, a studio seems like a great idea where I can at least sit back and watch movies being made.”

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