Monday, November 19, 2007

Zayed Khan and Vivek Oberoi enjoying the shooting of misson Istanbul

Zayed Khan and Vivek Oberoi insisted on doing their own stunts while shooting for Apoorva Lakhia's Mission Istanbul. The film which is being shot in Turkey, witnessed the two boys doing their daredevil acts, instead of using body doubles.

A few days back, Lakhia had a tough time explaining Zayed that he needed to use a body double for a scene that had him crashing through a glass window and plunging into the street below from the eighth floor of a high-rise building. Zayed, however, did not comply.

On Thursday evening, Vivek Oberoi also joined him and was obstinate about doing the stunt scenes himself. The two of them had to do a scene where they were shown jumping from a six storey building on to a moving helicopter. A few seconds later, the two of them jump into the sea just before the helicopter explodes.

Our source from the production unit says that Lakhia had arranged for body doubles both for Vivek and Zayed because he never expected them to do the scene themselves. Says the source," The climate here is very cold, so nobody expected Vivek and Zayed to jump into the ice cold water. When they told Lakhia that they wanted to perform the scenes themselves, he was naturally flabbergasted. He tried to explain to both of them but eventually gave in to their demands."

Lakhia, who is currently in Istanbul, confirmed the news. He however tells us that he was not at all comfortable about the actors doing the scene without using body doubles.

He says, "Yes, I was very reluctant about letting Zayed and Vivek do the dangerous scenes. I do not encourage actors to perform their own stunts as it can be very hazardous. However, they were adamant and finally I let them have their way. The good part is that it enabled me to get many close-ups shots of the two actors which wouldn't have been possible otherwise."

Lakhia adds,"It was only when my stunt directors Javed and Ejaz told me that they were confident about Vivek and Zayed being able to pull it off that I agreed to let them do it."

Mission Istanbul, which is produced by Ekta Kapoor and Suniel Shetty, will be completed by mid-December.

source : MumbaiMirror

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