Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Box office Result this week - Aaja Nachle not a good opener

It's time for another exclusive from yours truly. Here's the latest exclusive 'fresh out of the even' box-office information of one of the most awaited films of the year, with the most awaited comeback ever: AAJA NACHLE!
Did the film live up to box-office expectations?
What have audiences & critics thought of it?
What will happen as the days pass?
Keep reading to find out the answers to these questions & more.

Weekly Top 5:

1. Aaja Nachle (NEW)
2. Om Shanti Om (-1)
3. Jab We Met (+2)
4. Saawariya (-1)
5. Dhan Dhana Dhan...GOAL (-2)
Aaja Nachle:

Madhuri Dixit it back & how in 2007! The actress has gotten the dream comeback film for her - film revolves around art, dancing, and theatre & is produced by the illustrious and huge banner Yash Raj Films. After 5 years, many truly were dying to see her. The single sight of her perfect hip shakes or perfect smile would make everyone melt. Truly a legend, Madhuri Dixit finally comes back to the silver screen and her fans have never been happier. However, all is not well. The film has gotten disappointing overall reviews from critics. Some loved it; some thought it was a huge, boring let-down. Most found it ordinary and weak, describing it as a one-time timepass watch worth only to see the queen be spectacular on screen again. However, the public has a different story. Its view of the film was nowhere near the dislike critics had for it. Audience feedback is much much better, which certainly is a sign of hope for the film. The feedback from those that matter most - the common people - is wonderful & very very great overall. Anyway, let's put this aside cause the overall feedback has been positive & strong from audience so far. Also, why is audience feedback so important for Aaja Nachle especially? Well, we don't want it to end up like Saawariya - great initial but enormous & ridiculous crash after the weekend of release cause of terrible reviews from critics & the public. To make matters worse, Aaja Nachle is in a much tougher situtation cause its opening is nowhere near Saawariya. Okay, enough comparing. What are the hardcore stats? The sad truth is that out of 5 films, Aaja Nachle has gotten the lowest opening of the year for a Yash Raj Films film in the USA & India, & the second-lowest in the UK (ahead of Chak De! India), Australia (just a tiny tick ahead of Laaga Chunari Mein Daag), & India (ahead of Laaga Chunari Mein Daag). Unfortunately, and extremely shockingly and disappointingly, Aaja Nachle opened in India to a poor occupancy on opening day of just 25-35%. Multiplexes of big cities were definitely better. Overall, the film needs to do well with the public over the week to stay alive, otherwise it has no chance. In the UK, the film made a great ?169,400. Debuting at #10 on the UK charts, the screen average on 42 theaters was a good ?4,000. It's not extraordinary, but still it's satisyfying enough & if the film can hold on, it just might become a hit there like the recent Jab We Met, which opened to similar intial UK numbers. In the USA, the film collected a very disappointing $257,700. On 66 theaters, the screen average is just a poor $3,900. The numbers are one of the lowest for a major film this year. 2007 truly was a terrible year for Yash Raj Films in the USA. None of their films opened to more than $460,000, while 2006 saw incredible, rediculously fantastic, & amazing openings for Fanaa ($875,000+) & Dhoom 2 ($1.3 million). Only Kabul Express was the failure, but the indescribable blockbusters Fanaa & Dhoom 2 more than made up for it. In Australia, the opening weekend collections are an average $53,500. On 11 theaters, the screen average is $4,900 & is the 3rd highest on the Australia Top 20 chart. In New Zealand, the film collected an okay $12,000 NZD (New Zealand Dollars) on 3 theaters for a screen average of $4,000 NZD. Let's keep our fingers crossed and hope that the great audience feedback so far is indicative of upcoming success & that Madhuri's star power draws more audiences over the days as the word-of-mouth of mouth to watch the queen be her amazing self again spreads.

Om Shanti Om:

In its third week in India, the film fell an acceptable 59% & made another great 10.50 crore. The total so far is an incredible, mind-blowing, & breath-taking 76.0 crore! In the UK, the film dipped a mighty 61% & made ?45,000. The total so far though is an earth-shattering & insane ?1.26 million! The film is India's 8th-highest grosser ever in the UK.

UK Verdict: Blockbuster
USA Verdict: All-Time Blockbuster
Australia Verdict: All-Time Blockbuster
India Verdict: Blockbuster


The film continues to crash terribly all over India. In the UK, the film fell another atrocious & disgusting 90% to make a pathetic ?1,200. After just 4 weekends, the film is already out of the box-office race; just terrible! The total so far is just ?307,000.

UK Verdict: Below Average
USA Verdict: Average
Australia Verdict: Semi-Hit
India Verdict: Flop

Dhan Dhana Dhan...GOAL:
In its first week in India, the soccer flick made a satisfying 10.74 crore. It did well in multiplexes of big cities, but failed to leave a mark everywhere else. If it manages to stay alive for week 2, it may be able to recover its costs. In the UK, the film has totally collapsed, falling a huge 70% to make just ?17,000. The total so far is only ?98,900.
USA Verdict: Flop
UK Verdict: Flop
Australia Verdict: Below Average

Jab We Met:

In its 5th week in India, the film did amazing yet again! It fell a tiny 24% to make another fabulous 1.75 crore for a fantastic total so far of 26.94 crore. The film will definitely reach the 30 crore mark, and maybe more, at this rate. In the UK, the total of the film fell 68% & made ?2,500; that's even more than Saawarya's collections for this weekend & Jab We Met released 2 weeks before! The total so far has reached a brilliant ?420,300.

UK Verdict: Hit
Australia Verdict: CHANGED FROM *Average* TO *Below Average*
India Verdict: Hit

Gauri-The Unknown:

The film's opening in India was extremely poor for this destined-to-be disaster.
Weekly Predictions:

Dus Kahaniyaan:

UK - ?75,000+
USA - $110,000+
India - 13 crore+

Khoya Khoya Chand:

UK - ?40,000+
USA - $60,000+
India - 8 crore+


India - 1 crore+

Don't expect any 3 of the films to do spectacular overseas. Anyway, DK will do just so-so overseas at best. No big star & only somewhat successful soundtrack are major problems. Also, just a tick stronger promotion to make the film seem as big as it was w. 10 directors and all was necessary. India should get a decent opening though. I feel like people there like the film a little more, so occupancy on opening day should be okay. KKC will have a very poor opening everywhere. It has no hype, strong promotion, or star power. The soundtrack was very adored by critics, but found no commercial success. Overall, let's just skip this & fast-forward to the awaited Dec. 21st with Welcome & Taare Zameen Par. =)

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