Friday, December 28, 2007

Hot Wheels cars with Bollywood Stars

One of the coolest ways of wearing success has traditionally been through the set of wheels that one lusts after and consequently ends up patronizing. Our Bollywood stars are no exception. Each superstar worth his or her multimillions has bought a spanking new set of wheels to mark their 'arrival' at some point This week we take a look at the stars who bought these spanking new hot wheels in 2007.

Abhishek Bachchan, Bentley

Early this year superstar Amitabh Bachchan who is well known for his knowledge of cars gifted his son Abhishek a gleaming white Bentley Continental Flying Spur on his 31st birthday. The super expensive car costing a whopping 1.7 crores also happens to be the official vehicle of the royal family of England. Powered by a 12 cylinder, six litre engine, this Bentley belts out hold your breath 552bhp and exemplifies the spirit of owning and driving one of the most remarkable cars to have been ever made by a carmaker.

Aamir Khan and John Abraham, Audi Q7
Both these Bandra boys have displayed great taste in their choice of the four ring badge after having gone and acquired themselves the Audi Q7. This SUV with its sporty looks as well as powerful engine is the last word in driving pleasure offering the perfect blend of ruggedness as well as sophistication for all kinds of driving styles. With an air suspension system that can be adjusted to suit the terrain that you are driving on along with the Quattro 4WD system both Aamir and John have opted for the elusive black colour associated with stars world over. Available in both petrol and diesel variants, the Q7 is one of the few SUVs around that seamlessly integrates the sporty and the elegant.

Kareena Kapoor and Akshay Kumar, Porsche Cayenne
What could be more befitting for a beautiful actress with oodles of attitude but an SUV that is not only the most curvaceous but also ups the attitude a notch further? Kareena Kapoor's choice of the Porsche Cayenne reflects through her versatile SUV as well. This Porsche SUV has also been the choice of action hero Akshay Kumar. The Cayenne is an SUV that has left many a men enraptured by the sheer sound of its engine and its stately road presence. Not to mention a whole range of active and passive safety systems, unparalleled agility, and aerodynamic styling. Also, superlative in terms of performance as an all-terrain SUV offering exceptional comfort levels within its ergonomically designed cabin, little wonder that it is the carefully chosen SUV of the bold and the beautiful stars of tinsel town.

Rani Mukherjee, Mercedes Benz
Rani Mukherjee may be the brand ambassador for Chevrolet Aveo but when she goes car shopping, nothing other than the tristar will do for the queen of Bollywwod who recently added yet another Mercedes Benz to her stable and is awaiting its delivery.

source : DNAIndia

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