Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Shahid Kapoor and Kareena talk to each other and they are good friends

We all know that they have split, but in spite of that they have something in common between them.

Wanna know what? The two ex-lovers say they can’t understand the fuzz relating to their personal lives. One of Shahid’s friends called us to say that he has moved on in his life and there’s absolutely no bitterness about anyone, leave aside Kareena.

"He’s happily single, though not ready to mingle right now," says his friend. And so is Kareena, she has moved on and is happy to have found someone. And insiders say in spite of not being together, they have remained friends and talk to each other almost everyday. So their only request is not to make a story out of nothing. Point noted. Hopefully others too will make a mental note of this and leave the two ex-lovers turned good friends alone.

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