Friday, December 7, 2007

Strangers - Movie Preview

Two men, complete Strangers to each other and diagonally opposite personalities, are traveling overnight, in a business class compartment in England. The claustrophobia of a closed space and the coincidence that they are both Indians, binds them to each other.

Mr Rai, the management giant and Rahul, a writer with a flop career, in their efforts to entertain each other throughout the journey, drop clues and fill in the missing pieces into stories that are never told unless, between complete Strangers. What follows is both exciting and repulsive as the two men who are living lives that they had not chosen, decide on doing something to change the way things have been for them.

But all is not as it seems and clues soon become betrayals until a time comes when deceit and lies cannot be judged any longer. Four lives are put at stake and everything is about to change when Strangers take each other for friends and friends become Strangers.

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