Wednesday, December 12, 2007


It's time for another exclusive & super rapid-fast report from yours truly of this week's films.
Keep reading for more on the major success of Jab We Met, and the 4 disappointments that came in a row known as Aaja Nachle, Dus Kahaniyaan, Khoya Khoya Chand, & Dhan Dhana Dhan...GOAL.
So, let's break it up:

Negatives -

1. Aaja Nachle has not held up as well as it could at all overseas & has started its second week in India on a dismal note.
2. Dus Kahaniyaan has opened very disappointingly worldwide.
3. Khoya Khoya Chand has gotten a terrible opening worldwide, especially the UK, which was just a complete & total nightmare. Keep reading for more on that specific disaster.
4. Dhan Dhana Dhan...GOAL cotinues to slip big overseas & has proven a let-down in India as well.

Positives -

1. Jab We Met's collections are still mind-blowing & its verdict has reached a new high.
2. Om Shanti Om is still sexayyy. =)

Weekly Top 5:

1. Aaja Nachle (+/-0)
2. Om Shanti Om (+/-0)
3. Jab We Met (+/-0)
4. Dus Kahaniyaan (NEW)
5. Khoya Khoya Chand (NEW)
Aaja Nachle:

Not just Madhuri fans, but everyone is sure to be disappointed by the fate of Aaja Nachle. The film has failed to leave a mark anywhere in the world, much to the dismay of the queen bee's followers. Madhuri Dixit was an eagerly awaited legend since the day Devdas released. After 5 years, she was the one who came back, & mesmerized & stunned the audience. Her comeback film Aaja Nachle, however, did not. After a dismal opening last week in India, the film managed to collect a very disappointing first week gross around 10 crore. With the second week beginning on a dull start as well, the final word on the film in India doesn't seem too difficult to guess. In the UK, the film shook up after a nice, satisfying opening. It fell 51% & made ?82,200. Managing to stay in the UK Top 10 for another weekend, this time at #10, the total so far is ?325,200. At this point, the film has the potential to still do a great ?435,000+. We'll see if it can reach that goal in coming weeks. In Australia, the film has underperfomed as well, but the results are better nonetheless. Staying in the Australia Top 20 for another weekend, this weekend at #20, the film fell a moderate 48% & made $28,800. The total so far is an average $107,100. In New Zealand, the film fell a tiny 23% to make $9,100 NZD. The total so far is a decent $27,000 NZD. In the USA, the film has taken a noticable drop after an already poor opening. It fell 56% this week & made $114,600. The total so far is a quite disappointing $425,500.

UK Verdict: Semi-Hit
USA Verdict: Below Average
Australia Verdict: Average
India Verdict: Flop

Aaja Nachle's Overseas Gross: 2.62 crore (UK) + 1.68 crore (USA) + 0.37 crore (Australia) = 4.67 crore

Jab We Met:

Now this is the biggest surprise success of the year! Who would have thought that a film from the only somewhat sucessful jodi of Kareena & Shahid would find so much success when it was delivered by a director whose first film flopped & was only on his 2nd film, was a romantic comedy written off as dull due to some promos, and released only two weeks before the enormous Diwali clash between Om Shanti Om & Saawariya, where it should have burned and ended. Even in its 6th week in India, Jab We Met's collections at this point are so impressive & absolutely rock-steady. In the UK, the total has reached a superb ?422,300.

UK Verdict: Hit
Australia Verdict: Below Average
India Verdict: CHANGED FROM *Hit* TO *Super Hit*

Khoya Khoya Chand:

We can't say this wasn't coming. Khoya Khoya Chand was expected to flop & it looks like the prediction came true. The film found itself with a poor occupancy on opening day of just 15% in India. With bad reviews from critics and few takers already, the film's fate gets all the more predictable. In the UK, the film is an absolute disaster! We knew it would be bad, but this is just so damn low. On simply 8 theaters, the film debuted on the UK charts at #38 & made a horrible, tiny, terrible, & miserable ?4,700. The screen average is an even worse, disgusting, shocking, horrific, & horrendous ?582. IN TERMS OF SCREEN AVERAGE, KHOYA KHOYA CHAND HAS GOTTEN THE LOWEST OPENING OF 2007! YES, LOWER THAN RGV'S AAG, NO SMOKING, HATTRICK, EVERYTHING!

UK Verdict: Disaster

Dus Kahaniyaan:

Well, that's an unpleasant surprise. Dus Kahaniyaan main's territory of commerical strength was supposed to be India more than anywhere else. But the area has proved to be a let-down big time for the film. Its occupancy there on opening day was a very disappointing & poor 25-30%. Reviews from critics are strictly average. The big theater count of 600 cinemas & decent price may help to some extent in the end. In the USA, the film has proven a huge let-down as well. On 55 theaters, the film debuted at #25 on the USA charts to make merely $176,700. The screen average is a poor $3,200. In the UK, the film debuted at #13 on the charts to made a very low ?39,600. On 24 theaters, the screen average is pathetic ?1,700.

UK Verdict: Flop
USA Verdict: Flop

Om Shanti Om:

In its 4th week in India, the film fell a hefty 56% & made another 4.75 crore. The total raked in so far is an earth-shattering, rediculous, & incredible 81.24 crore! In Australia, the total has risen to an unimaginable & grand $452,000. In the UK, the film continues to slide, but no biggie since most of the money-collecting job was done long ago. It fell 67% & made ?15,000. The total so far is a eye-boggling, mind-spinning, & absolutely brilliant ?1.29 million.

UK Verdict: Blockbuster
USA Verdict: All-Time Blockbuster
Australia Verdict: All-Time Blockbuster
India Verdict: Blockbuster

Om Shanti Om's Overseas Gross: 10.38 crore (UK) + 14.16 crore (USA) + 1.58 crore (Australia) = 26.12 crore

Dhan Dhana Dhan...GOAL:

Poor Johnny. After the huge worldwide commercial disaster No Smoking, he finds himself disappointing everyone yet again - for the 4th time this year. Goal fell about a quite large 60% in India in its 2nd week & the 2 week total is just 15 crore. In the UK, the film dipped a hefty 83% & made just ?2,800. The total so far is a very poor ?107,000.

USA Verdict: Flop
UK Verdict: Flop
Australia Verdict: Below Average
India Verdict: Below Average

Dhan Dhana Dhan...GOAL's Overseas Gross: 0.86 crore (UK) + 0.46 crore (USA) + 0.23 crore (Australia) = 1.55 crore

Gauri-The Unborn:

Here comes the shock of the century: Gauri has done poorly all over India.
India Verdict: Flop

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