Friday, March 28, 2008

Ash becomes a perfect bhabhi

Ashishwarya Rai has become a perfect Bachchan bahu after her marriage. She is not just a loving and committed daughter-in-law but also a great companion for Abhishek. Being a Bachchan bahu she also taken care of those who are close to them. Aishwarya unveiled the first look of Summer 2007 and gave her best wishes to Sikandar Kher, who is like a younger brother of Abhishek.

This was for the first time the audience got to see a different side of Aishwarya Rai. She was not a guest rather it was like a family affair for her. Interestingly Ash has always been seen as a sophisticated more professional guest but this time she was more bindaas . She was smiling, cheering and giggling all the time. . The most amazing part of the event was when she unveiled his look, the glass shattering saw some shards of glass hit Sikandar. He got hurt on his left cheek and later started bleeding. Being an archetypal bhabhi, Ash was concerned about Sikandar. She immediately asked for tissues and wiped his cheek. “See Sikku has given his blood for this movie” she quipped. She looked so concerned for Sikandar whom she calls Sikku.

She explained the reason for being at the event. “Sikku and the rest of his family are my family. They are a part of our lives and it gives me immense joy to be here at such a momentous occasion in Sikku’s life.”

She further explains that Sikander is like a younger brother to Abhishek. “He is Abhishek’s baby brother. I am here more for personal reasons than anything else. He is getting into films and I want to give him me and my family’s best wishes. Abhishek wanted to be here too but he couldn’t make it so I am here representing the two of us!” says Bhabhi Ash.

“First time I saw him on the sets of Mohabbatein. They all used to hang out on Sundays. He was a young shy, sweet and quite a kid then! And then I met him again during Devdas. But I’ve actually got to know him the best as Abhishek’s younger brother. He used to be with Abhishek even when we were shooting for Kuch Na Kaho .” She reminisces.

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