Thursday, March 27, 2008

"Learn to act, Shah Rukh" – teases Juhi Chawla

Shah Rukh Khan was at the receiving end of some good-humoured bantering by co-star Juhi Chawla on the sets of Bhootnath .
We all know how good friends SRK and Juhi Chawla are. They have paired together in a number of films in the past and are coming together yet again in producer Ravi Chopra’s film ‘Bhootnath’ that is being directed by Vivek Sharma.

The camaraderie and chemistry between SRK and Juhi was evident on the sets of the film. In fact, Juhi showed that if there is anyone (except Aamir Khan , of course) who can banter with SRK, it was she.
It happened during a shoot in which SRK, Juhi and Vivek Oberoi were taking part.

Despite a busy schedule, SRK was his flamboyant self on the sets. He memorized his dialogues to perfection while doing the make-up, and when he faced the camera, he delivered his lines flawlessly and okayed his shots in a single take only.
Smug about his efficiency and talent, SRK turned to Juhi and asked rhetorically, “Now, wasn’t that worth a compliment?”

Not to be charmed by SRK’s smugness, Juhi retorted wittily: “First learn to act Shahrukh. Then you will get the due praise”.

Everyone on the sets reportedly broke out in laughter at hearing this. Even SRK took Juhi’s good-natured banter in the right spirit.

The two actors play husband and wife in the film. However, SRK has a brief role because the character he plays dies mid-way in the story.

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