Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Vidhu Vinod Chopra hurt by SRK and saif comments at filmfare awards

Sometimes words hurt more than weapons. This has proved true for the Bollywood crowd as well.

Recently, the Filmfare awards were conducted by the twin Khans - Shah Rukh and Saif, and though they made the audience laugh their hearts out, what they said was later scrutenized and has left many people wounded. Though not intended to hurt anyone in particular, that is exactly what SRK's and Saif's antics have done.

If the reports making the rounds in Bollywood is true then the family of Vidhu Vinod Chopra were offended but what Shah Rukh ans Saif had said. The film maker's family who were watching the show that was telecast on Sony Television narrated the incidents to the filmmaker who had gone on location hunting in the US when the event happened.

When Vinod came back, he through Vinod Chopra Films conveyed to the channel that they would not take part in any event conducted by the channel. When the Khans heard about this, instead of rendering an apology they called the distraught film maker and conveyed their apologies over the phone.

Vinod Chopra Films has released a statement to the press which reads… "We are not looking for media attention and controversy. We don't want to waste our time over it. The actors (Saif and Shah Rukh) have already apologized to Chopra's family. A letter making our displeasure known has been sent to the publication and channel concerned. Beyond this, there is nothing to say."

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