Sunday, June 15, 2008

Shahid is too fast in dance says vidya balan

We all know how nimble-footed Shahid Kapur is when it comes to dancing.

Vidya Balan had a first hand experience of this when she shot a promotional dance track for her upcoming film with Shahid – Kismat Konnection .

Vidya who hasn’t yet had much chance to show her dancing prowess was pitted against one of the best dancers in Bollywood and that too in a racy western song intricately choreographed by Ahmed Khan.

To make things tougher, Ms Balan was wearing stilettos that made dancing difficult.

There was a particular step in which she had to lean on one leg and turn around. Sources from the sets say despite repeated takes Vidya could not get the step right. However, she did not give up nor did she ask the choreographer to change the step since her co-star Shahid seemed at ease with all the steps.

Eventually, after about two dozen retakes Vidya managed to get the step right.

And guess who had a compliment for her?

“Good friend” Shahid.

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