Tuesday, July 29, 2008

BIG B to play Abhishek's grandfather in Dilli 6

The Big B is on to some really unusual casting and roles these days. And who better equipped to provide the still-famished actor with unusual opportunities than Rakeysh Mehra. After all, Rakeysh is the guy who cast the Big B in a satanic drama Aks.

And the casting can't get any more unusual than Dilli 6. Rakeysh's under-production semi-autobiographical film which has Abhishek Bachchan playing the lead.

In a specially- written cameo to be shot in May the Big B will make a very special appearance in Dilli 6.

"I play Abhishek's grandfather in Dilli 6, " says the Big B. Interestingly

The film already has the father-son Bachchan's favourite actress Waheeda Rehman in the lead, and one of the Big B's incentives for stepping into the picture so late is to spare screen space with his favourite actress.

With Dilli 6 almost complete Rakeysh Mehra already has plans of casting the Big B in his next in a film unusually-titled Paanch Kaurav.

"It's too early to talk about Paanch Kaurav. But it's in the caper-adventure genre. And it would be my third film with the Big B. I couldn't get luckier. I've also done three films with Abhishek, " chuckles Rakeysh Mehra.

You scratch your head at that one. And Mehra explains, "I was supposed to do Abhishek's launch film Samjhauta Express and then we were to do Bhairavi (with all the three Bachchans—AB Sr, Jaya and Abhishek).

We had gone so deep into the discussions that we both feel we've already worked in those two films together. So our comfort level in Dilli 6 is as high as it would be for any director-actor team that has done three films together."

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