Thursday, July 17, 2008

Box Office Analysis of the week

First weekend performance of latest release

There weren't any expectations whatsoever from MEHBOOBA. Since the film's subject (a love triangle), treatment and music is the kind that worked only a decade back and has precious little to offer for the urban centers which are loving their dose of JAANE TU YA JAANE NAA, this Sanjay Dutt, Ajay Devgan and Manisha Koirala film primarily saw a single screen release and that too mainly in the interiors of North India.

Well, the strategy seems to have paid as the audience out there hasn't really shown it's back to the film, hence resulting in a satisfying weekend. Made on a lavish scale, this Afzal Khan film does boast of Sanju baba as the prime attraction which has managed to attract audience to theaters. Though it is still too early to call the film as safe, a decent opening has won at least half the battle for those who have invested in the film.

Last week's movies

Amongst all the films which released this year and went on to be major successes (RACE, JANNAT, JODHAA AKBAR), JAANE TU YA JAANE NAA has done the best business if one looks at the number of prints that it arrived at and the crores it went on to earn. The film is now the first ever to have crossed the 20 crores milestone in spite of being releases at less than 400 prints - a record! The film has been fantastic all over with blockbuster collections from Mumbai (5 crores) followed by Delhi (2.3 crores).

Those who have invested in the film have hit gold and icing on the cake comes from the fact that the film is progressing quite well in it's second week as well. Superhit! While 50 crores is a given for this film with mainly newcomers, it would also make Abbas Tyrewala as the second filmmaker ever (after Sajid Khan - HEYY BABYY) to achieve this feat in his debut film. The difference here is that while HEYY BABYY starred Akshay Kumar in the lead, JTYJN has newcomers Imran Khan at the helm of affairs!

has flopped and if the second week crashes badly (which very much appears to be the case), it may well qualify as a box office disaster. Released at double the print count of JTYJN and earning half of it in the first week (10.5 crores), the film has only gone down on an inversely proportionate manner! The film never saw a rise at all, let aside any fall in collections as days passed by, which has led to the debate opening up again - Should the film have waited for a week or two and see a solo release instead of clashing with JTYJN?

Of course the ifs and buts would continue to haunt Harry and Harman Baweja for years to come but the fact remains that if released solo (or without a major competition), LOVE STORY 2050 may have done at least a little better than what it has done now. The film has been a looser all over with Mumbai falling short of even 2 crores mark (~1.75 crores) and Delhi too failing to touch 1 crore (~90 lakhs). The flak which the film has got is unparalleled and LOVE STORY 2050 unfortunately finds itself in the league of TASHAN and RAM GOPAL VARMA KI AAG which were universally panned!

From the past

THODA PYAAR THODA MAGIC is now fourth flop in a row for Yash Raj Films after LAAGA CHUNARI MEIN DAAG, AAJA NACHLE and TASHAN. Whatever chance that the film had after decent word of mouth in the first week was killed completely due to JTYJN euphoria. Suddenly people were just not interested in giving the film a chance since all eyes were on Imran-Genelia love story. Saif-Rani were ignored and the youngsters lapped, hence resulting in a massive 70% fall in collections!

With barely 4.5 crores coming in for this Kunal Kohli directed film, this one is second straight flop in a row for Saif and Rani after TASHAN and LAAGA CHUNARI MEIN DAAG. While Saif still has a RACE behind him and some exciting projects ahead of him, the picture is quite bleak for Rani who is now far away from her 'Queen' throne with Katrina Kaif and Kareena Kapoor being the hot contenders now!

With a 90% fall in it's third week, DE TAALI is now sighting a DVD release. Ending it's run at 8.5 crores, the film has been quickly forgotten with everyone associated with this 2 years-in-the-making film moving on with newer projects. MERE BAAP PEHLE AAP is also ending it's 'theek-thaak' run by collecting 35 lakhs more in it's 4th week. Seeing a big fall week after week after a reasonably fine opening week, this Priyadarshan-Akshaye Khanna starrer has been a forgettable affair though for it's makers Shemaroo, it has got them a decent success at last. At 23 crores, the film is now set for a DVD release.

As predicted last week, SARKAR RAJ has seen another major fall over the week gone by with 80% dip in collections. With only 15 lakhs more coming in, the film now stands at 34 crores. However, in a week's time from now, it should be running at a few centers (~10) and celebrate 50 days for itself.

In the future

It is going to be a battle of realism v/s candy floss as Ram Gopal Varma and Shahid Kapoor take on each other in KISMAT KONNECTION and CONTRACT. The two films are in complete contrast of each other. While Ramu's CONTRACT promises to be a massy thriller because of it's underworld/terrorism connection, it's a different kind of 'connection' in KISMAT KONNECTION which is a fun-n-cool outing.

Ramu's film is seemingly third in the trilogy of his underworld films after SATYA and COMPANY. Since the film stars newcomers, an opening better than 30%-40% isn't really expected. It is a word of mouth film and unlike SARKAR RAJ which did it's best business in the first week, this one would have to largely depend upon content to make an impression and sustain itself at theaters for far more weeks.

On the other hand Shahid Kapoor would be looking at taking his lover boy image forward after big hits like VIVAH and JAB WE MET in the last couple of years. With Aziz Mirza at the helm of direction, one can certainly expect a sensitive outing in KISMAT KONNECTION with ample feel good moments, especially so with Shahid-Vidya pairing looking quite unique. The film promises to take a good opening and ensure Shahid yet another success.

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