Sunday, July 27, 2008

Chali 100° made on innocence, adolescence and the magic of youth

Stories made on innocence, adolescence and the magic of youth always cast enchanting spells permeating our hearts with joy. This is the stuff that lives are made with. Exploits during our formative years stand in good stead molding our futures with lasting impressions.

Anita Udeep is currently filming an exciting Telugu film along these lines titled 'Chali 100°'. Having already made two films, 'Knock, knock….I am looking to marry' and the animation flick 'Gulliver's Travels' in English, it is now a Telugu movie 'CHALI 100 degree'.

'Fun-times' for just about anybody is life after school and college hours. 'What's interesting is that this is a high school film with hardly any classroom scene' says the young filmmaker.

The exploits of Surya, B.LO, Tanya, Rohit, Akash and Ralte on hostel campus would most certainly arouse the curiosity especially in the background of the dense forest atmosphere that prevails on their campus. The movie would be mostly on the lives of these young adults in their 12th grade. 'The film will have exciting action and humor laced with loads of twists and turns' says Anita.

Music for Chali 100° is being designed in such a precise manner that it plays different characters in the film so much so that the music part would synchronize with the emotions of the lead characters identifying with their innate natures.

The film is also planned to have a simultaneous release in Tamil titled 'Kulir 100°'.

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