Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Is Kismet Konnection connected with Chak de India how?

In our star oriented film industry rarely do filmmakers and producers inquire about the technical aspects of filmmaking and the person responsible for it. Few know that people behind the curtains often make the most valid contribution towards a film. It is because of their "invisible" presence that the film appears the way it is! But looking at the norms followed by the film industry such artists have to usually be content in the background. He is the unsung hero of the film.

Thankfully that has not been the case with Aziz Mirza's KISMAT KONNECTION.

Ever since the promos of the film hit the air, film buffs and top-notch directors and producers have been intrigued by the sleek and stylish editing and want to know who the name of the man behind such art.

Well he is none other than Amitabh Shukla, the one who had also edited CHAK DE INDIA!

Shukla's sharp presence of mind made CHAK DE... the ultimate entertainer. And with KISMAT KONNECTION Amitabh Shukla displays his dexterity as an editor once again.

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