Thursday, July 31, 2008

Salman-Govinda To Pair up again

Support for the currently beleaguered Salman Khan has come from unexpected quarters.

The maverick MP-actor Govinda, who did Partner last year with Salman, is determined to fight for the macho actor until his last breath. “Salmanbhai is constantly under attack. But, like me, he doesn’t retaliate to backbiting. So our detractors believe they can go on hitting us. Yet Salmanbhai is the hero of the masses,” says Govinda.

And eager to keep a good thing going, Govinda declares that he will tie a black thread (“kissiki nazar na lage”) around their friendship. The two are slated to return together on screen for a sequel to Partner in March 2009 to be directed David Dhawan. Sohail Khan will produce the sequel of the warring buddies that was borrowed from the Will Smith comedy Snitch. “This time, the film will be based on another idea,” says Govinda.

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