Thursday, July 24, 2008

shahid to go through acid test

Shahid Kapur and Hrithik Roshan are among the best dancers in Bollywood.

Now, Shahid’s nimble-footed skills will be put to ultimate test in director Ken Ghosh’s next film in which Shahid plays a star performer. For, the director has roped in none other than American choreographer James Martin Kudelka (better known as Marty Kudelka) to choreograph Shahid’s dances in the film.

Marty has worked with bigwigs like Janet Jackson, Justin Timberlake, N’Sync and Pink.

Ken Ghosh says he wanted a completely new style of choreography for his film since dances play a major part in the musical.

And because he and Shahid are good friends (having already worked together twice before), they discussed and decided that Marty would be the best person to handle the film’s choreography.

The film’s producers reportedly got in touch with the BLOC agency which represents Marty and it didn’t take long for the choreographer to come aboard the project.

Ghosh says he wants Marty to make Shahid dance like never before.

Well, Shahid better pull up his socks.

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