Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Deepika pudukone confess on her Relationships

All those linkups of Deepika Padukone with Dhoni and Yuvraj have been pretty confusing! So TIMES NOW got the real story from the beautiful actor herself. Here's Deepika Padukone in an 'all tell mood' with ENOW's Naomi Dutta...

Naomi: You are 21 years old and much in the public eye. How are you taking the fact that you are being written about every other day?

Deepika: I think being written about positively and negetively is all a part of the profession i've chosen to be in and I like reading about the nice things written about me. I try and collect them as well.

Naomi: But how does your family react to it, because there is so much written about you, your presence at the T20 matches, whom you have coffee with etc?

Deepika: I believe if you are a celebrity, anything that you do will be written about. Tomorrow if i buy a new car, that will be written about, if i decide to get married that will be written about. That is the life of a celebrity! We choose to be public figures and its all a part of that.

Naomi: Ok. But how do you react to the link ups with Dhoni and Yuvraj Singh?

Deepika: Very honestly, I am fond of all of them. Being from a sports family I support sports whether it is cricket or badminton or Hocky or any other sport. I think our team is doing a fantastic job.

Naomi: And are they friends of yours?

Deepika: To an extent. I am working and travelling, they are working and travelling so whenever we get time we meet.

Naomi: Deepika have you modelled yourself on anyone? Because people keep talking about you having modelled yourself after Aishwaria Rai. Would she be your benchmark?

Deepika: No, she wouldn't be my benchmark, but she is someone I look up to. She is someone who i've grown up watching and I think she has handelled her career and her personal life very well. So whatever comparisions between us are most welcome.

Naomi: She is always politically correct. I think you've reached there. You are almost sure of not giving me complete information.

Deepika: I take that as a compliment.

Naomi: It is a compliment, Deepika thank you very much for talking to us.

Deepika: Thanks!

Source : Timesnews

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