Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Priyanka Chopra injured while shooting Drona

Priyanka Chopra tore a muscle while filming a stunt for an action-packed role in her new movie Drona , that stars Abhishek Bachchan in the title role. In the film Priyanka plays a bodyguard skilled in an ancient Sikh martial art, wielding a sword and a 'kirpan,' or dagger.

"I was doing a somersault when I felt something give way inside my rib cage,'' the newspaper quoted the former Miss World as saying. ``I've apparently suffered a tear in my abs.''

Although Priyanka was advised to rest, her busy schedule did not permit a break for the next few weeks as she has dance scenes and more stunts to film.

``It's so painful. I've no choice but to continue,'' Priyanka told the newspaper. ``I don't know how I'll manage.''

Priyanka said she was enjoying shooting for the role in the thriller, ‘Drona’ and has been announcing: ``I'm armed and dangerous'' every time she arrives on the set.

Abhishek plays a superhero in the film, which has Kay Kay Menon as the villain.

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