Thursday, November 15, 2007

8 year old in the Remake of Krrish

What if the masked saviour Krrish were an 8-year-old? If sources are to be believed, Percept Picture Company is now set to remake the superhero flick starring Hrithik Roshan.

However, the ambitious remake will feature an all-children cast. The head honchos at the production company have already sent their proposal to Rakesh Roshan and are bidding for the remake rights.

A reliable source says, "Percept Picture Company is, presently, concentrating on a subsidiary company that wholly focuses on children's films and animated films. So far they have done Hanuman. If all goes well, they will have a child actor playing Krrish," says our source.

The plot-line revolves around an 8-year-old with special powers. He is inspired by Krrish and while enacting a few stunts he realises that he has what it takes to be a superhero. The makers will call the film Junior Krrish.

Apparently, Rakesh Roshan is closely guarding Brand Krrish and has asked for a detailed screenplay and character sketch of the 8-year-old superhero. Right now, the creative team at Percept Picture Company is working on the appearance of the character.

Shailendra Singh, joint managing director, Percept Holding, says, "The character sketch is being worked on. We are deciding on the crucial things like the bodysuit and the gadgets that the superhero will have. We are discussing things like whether he should wear the underwear over his uniform. We have to send the details to Rakesh Roshan by this weekend. I gave him the proposal two months ago and recently he said that he would like to study the script in detail."

He further admits that even if Rakesh Roshan refuses to be part of the Junior Krrish project, the company will go ahead with it anyway. Singh says, "The idea is to create a superhero film for kids. The film is going to be of the kids, by the kids and for the kids. We will go ahead with the project even we don't get to attach the name Krrish to our film."

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