Saturday, November 3, 2007

Back to the future with Salman and Akshay

Seems like, Salman Khan and Akshay Kumar have a lot in common. Soon after the news of Salman Khan signing a film deal with Ashtavinayak, came the news of Akshay signing one with Venus. Now, the both of them will be working in two separate remakes of the same Hollywood flick.

Apparently, Salman and Akshay will be starring in the remake of the Hollywood movie, Back to The Future. However, Akshay will play the lead in Vipul Shah’s version and Salman will star in the version produced under his brother, Sohail Khan’s production house.

While Sallu’s film, to be titled Hello Father, is supposed to be a sequel to his earlier film, Hello Brother, Akshay’s film will be based on a Gujarati play on the lines of the Steven Spielberg film and will be titled Action Replay.

Interestingly, Shekhar Kapur, who’d stalled the making of his film, Time Machine, again based on the same Hollywood film, is planning to revive the film with Aamir in the lead. The last time audiences had an overdose of similar story lines was when three film makers made three films based on the life of Bhagat Singh. Well, if the fate of Bhagat Singh is anything to go by, let’s just hope that Back to the Future doesn’t stall the future of these megastars

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