Thursday, November 22, 2007

Difference between Om shanti Om and Karz

After watching the movie OSO and Karz, I can conclude that the movie is delivered from Karz .Many things similar ..

1) Reincarnation(Punarjanam,Rebirth of the soul in another body)

- In Karz the actor who died is a big real estate owner, and the reborn actor (Rishi kapoor) is a singer and face is not similar
- In OSO the actor who died is a junior artist, and the reborn actor is a super star and both have same face

2) meeting family after rebirth

- In Karz meets his family by seeing her sister Jyothi like a servant then meets his mother..who before he arrives was deaf and cant talk...and when he arrives she realizes that he has come and starts talking..
- In OSO after seeing the shadow she realizes that her son has come..

3)both have a solid plans of scaring the vielen .. make them feel like the person he /she killed is back

the movie was good but you can say OSO is inspired of karz ..

Good things in OSO :

1) making great difference and comedies in 70's

2) great sets in 70s ..e.g main agar kahoon

3) the Om shanti Om sets was awesome...and death scene of SRK.

4) in 2007...APAHIJ PYAR Story and acting,Mohabbat man

5) the filmfare award ceremony,31 stars Deewangi Deewangi

6) final ending ..

more will come in future

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