Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Happy Days remake in Tamil under Prakash Raj Banner

In collaboration with Moser Baer, Prakashraj's Duet Films is producing 3 films. If he gets good scripts and good directors, he would produce even 30 films!

Telugu film 'Happy Days' directed by Shekar Kamala has become a super hit in all venues that it is being screened.

Since the story is good, Prakashraj has bought the Tamil re-make rights and work will soon start on it.

Tamanna was the heroine of the Telugu original, but it's not sure if she will act in this Tamil version too. However, the director has been fixed.

Cameraman KV Guhan will direct the Tamil version of 'Happy Days' and join the list of cameramen turning directors. The hunt is on for the music composer, hero and technicians.

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Anonymous said...

OMG why do tamil people copy soo much! they're always making remakes!! ugh...don't they have their own originality???