Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Om Shanti Om - EROS v/s multiplexes stalemate has ended

'Om Shanti Om' would be arriving at all multiplexes across the country and the plans have already opened. This comes in the view of several round of negotiations that were happening between the two parties over last few days.

Confirms Mr. Hanif Khatri, Senior Vice President, India Operations, EROS, "I am very happy that all has been amicably agreed upon between us and multiplexes. 'Om Shanti Om' is now arriving at all multiplexes on mutually acceptable terms."

Talking about the revenue sharing percentage, he mentions that the figures are definitely better that what some other films may have got. On further prodding, he details, "In the first week, we get 50% of the share. In second week it is quite good too since we get 42.5% in Mumbai territory and 45% from rest of the country. We are extremely delighted since these are very good numbers. From third week onwards it will be actual merits of the movie which would decide the final percentage share. Still, since the talks have been healthy, I don't see any issues even later on."

Mr. Khatri is quite excited about the response at single screen theatres as well. He divulges that ever since the booking opened at one of the major single screen theatres at Mumbai, New Excelsior, the plans have booked fast with 90% of tickets already sold out over the weekend.

Coming back to multiplexes, does he feel that prospects of 'Om Shanti Om' may get hampered a little due to 'Saawariya' advance booking opening earlier? "We all know how people have been waiting for the film. There have been so many queries over last few days about the prospects of 'Om Shanti Om' coming at multiplexes", he says as a matter of fact, "See, it doesn't look nice to be talking much about your own product; let it talk on it's own."

Talking about 'Saawariya', he concludes, "I know people want to see 'Saawariya' too; after all it has Sanjay Leela Bhansali as the director. But then everyone in the public is also aware about the strengths of 'Om Shanti Om'. I am sure it is going to be a record breaking opening for us."

Though he indicates that the print count within India would be close to 1200 and further 500 odd prints would be released in overseas, he refrained from giving the exact figures before actual numbers becomes clearer tomorrow.

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