Monday, November 12, 2007

Karan Johar asking fans to suggest a title for next upcoming

What once seemed improbable has now happened. Karan Johar is getting less finicky about letter ‘k’.

Can’t recall a single movie directed or produced by Karan Johar that doesn’t start with K. There is none. But that is about to change.

Karan is apparently giving up his fixation with ‘K’. For his upcoming films he is willing to consider titles that don’t start with K.

Insiders say this change in Karan’s attitude has come because of his good friend Shah Rukh Khan who doesn’t believe in numerology or superstition.

“SRK believes it is hard work and love put in one’s work that will determine the success or failure of a film, not the presence or absence of any alphabet in the name or title,” says a source.

Apparently, for his upcoming production venture, Karan is asking fans to suggest a title. He has made it explicit that he is open to titles that don’t start with K. In fact, Karan goes on to say that even for his next directorial venture, which will star Shah Rukh, he might consider a non-k title.

Meanwhile, Karan was not able to attend the premiere of Om Shanti Om in London because he had to stay back to take care of his ailing mom.

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