Friday, November 16, 2007

Manoj Kumar Upset with SRK on humiliating him

Seventies star Manoj Kumar is so upset with Shah Rukh Khan's latest release ‘Om Shanti Om’ that he plans to sue ‘King Khan’ and film director Farah Khan for what he calls "a clear-cut defamation and deliberate attempt to humiliate" him.

Manoj Kumar has referred to a 70's scene in ‘OSO’ where his young double is beaten by police outside a theatre when he lands up for a premiere. Also in another scene Shah Rukh Khan is shown giving a mock thank you speech in a drunken state.

Manoj Kumar has said, "I am hurt. Shah Rukh Khan has injured my soul. It's a conspiracy to humiliate and ridicule me. This is not filmmaking...My devotion to filmdom for the last 50 years has been insulted."

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