Friday, November 23, 2007

Rama Rama Kya hai Dramaa release postponed by one week

Due to as many as four movies being stuffed on one single Friday, one of them has decided to play safe and has pushed it's release date by a week.

Originally planned for a 7th December release, RAMA RAMA KYA HAI DRAMAAA would now be coming on 14th December. Other films which are coming on 7th December are DUS KAHANIYAAN, KHOYA KHOYA CHAND and STRANGERS. On the other hand, the only competition expected for RAMA RAMA KYA HAI DRAMAAA on 14th December is BOMBAY TO BANGKOK.

RAMA RAMA KYA HAI DRAMAAA is a comedy by Surendra Bhatia whose last film TOM, DICK AND HARRY was a success at the box office. With music by Sidharth Suhas, the film expects to cash in on it's comic genre which has seen a very good success rate this year.

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