Thursday, November 8, 2007

Shahrukh and Farah khan like entertaining audience

Director Farah Khan and superstar Shah Rukh Khan are very likeminded people. They both believe in providing entertainment to their audiences.

Farah’s formula is simple. Take an entertaining story, lace it with humour and songs, put in some glamour, throw in a few punches of action, and voila, the movie is ready. We got a taste of this formula in her very first film Main Hoon Na .

And now we see her pulling out all the stops to make her latest film Om Shanti Om entertaining.

What has the movie not got? At the core it has an interesting love story based on the theme of reincarnation. It has yet another tribute of Farah’s to the 1970s which she calls “the golden era of Hindi film industry”. It has 30 filmstars gyrating in a single song (something unseen before). And if anything was left, it has Shah Rukh Khan flaunting his six-pack abs (again for the first time).

In an interview, Farah Khan spoke about her films: “I don’t want to make some arty film in which characters remain silent and the story deals with some vague issue which only a small percentage of people can identify with. I make entertaining movies because I want people to come and be happy after seeing my films.”

It is a point of view that Shah Rukh Khan strongly shares.

Speaking to media a few days back, he had said: “I am more an entertainer than an actor.”

Trade pundits believe ‘Om Shanti Om’ can have upper hand over this week’s other release Saawariya solely because of its entertainment quotient, which is in keeping with the mood of the festive season.

Both the films are just a day away from their box-office clash.

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