Saturday, December 8, 2007

Another Six pack Show on Screen After SRK by Sonu Nigam

It started off with Salman Khan and went all the way to Shah Rukh Khan. Now, it’s singer Sonu Niigaam who will drop his shirt for his upcoming video. “I will start shooting for the first video of my upcoming album from the 14 th of this month for which I plan to go bare-chested on screen,” he reveals.The singer adds, “Thankfully, I’m not on the fatter side. But, I needed to look fit. So, I took good care of my diet and have been working out hard to get in shape.” So, is there another six-pack physique on its way? “The character in the video is a very ordinary guy. He doesn’t need a six-pack physique. He just needs to look fit,” he ends.

“This album will be a class apart. It will have a very interesting name and of course a very interesting cover as well,” says the singer steering clear of giving any details. While others like Shekhar Suman and SRK may have passed the test, only time can tell how far Sonu will be successful in his new experiment.

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