Sunday, December 16, 2007

King khan is riding high on success of Om shanti Om

SRK's recent lunch party, where he handed out bonus cheques to all his employees, was a big hit.
While the reason behind the party was no secret, what was not known was the total amount that SRK gave out to his employees who work at his production house and his Mumbai residence, Mannat.

Apparently, SRK gave out over Rs 1.5 crore to his staff that day. Says a source from his production house, “It was nice to see SRK's housemaid, who gets paid Rs 18,000 per year, dressed in her best sari for the do. She couldn't believe her eyes when SRK and Gauri handed over a cheque worth Rs 1 lakh to her. The same happened with his cook, drivers and others who work at his office.”

Bobby Chawla from SRK’s production house says, “Well, it was a get together where Shahrukh personally thanked all his employees.”

When questioned about the total amount distributed and the maid receiving Rs 1 lakh, he laughs and says, “The staff members got a bonus according to their nature of work. It was one of the nicest days of our lives not because of the money that we received but because of the thought behind that party.”

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