Tuesday, December 25, 2007

On Screen Kissing reducing over time....

Not all Bollywood stars are game for kissing their co-stars in front of the camera.

Shah Rukh Khan has made no secret of the fact that he won’t kiss his heroines in films. Salman Khan came within inches of locking his lips with Ali Larter in Marigold – An Adventure in India but never consummated it. Jimmy Shergill , too, shied away from kissing Nandana Sen in the recently released Strangers .

The fact is that kissing onscreen is still a big deal for some Bollywood stars.

Add to the list actress Isha Koppikar , the Khallas girl, who seems intent on changing her onscreen image after signing Rajshree Film’s next movie Ek Vivah Aisa Bhi in which she plays a simple, traditional, sari-clad girl.

Recently, while shooting for another film, Right Or Wrong , Isha refused to indulge in a passionate liplock with her co-star.

Director Neeraj Pathak had a long discussion with Isha to convince her that the shot was very important for the film, but the Koppikar girl did not budge.

In the end, the director gave up and made modifications in the way the scene was to be shot by changing the camera angle. Instead of showing a proper kiss, the director shot only the back of Isha’s head bent over her male co-star’s face.

Isha says she is “not comfortable in doing kissing scenes” and that is why she insisted the director to change the shot.

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