Monday, July 14, 2008

Nagababu Will Be Party’s General Secretary!

Superstar Chiranjeevi, who is going to launch his party on August 15, will support the united Andhra concept even while promising to redress regional imbalances. The actor had earlier thought of launching his party on Aug 22, his birthday, but then felt Independence day would have a more symbolic effect. It would also provide an apt backdrop for his planned call for a second “independence struggle” against “corruption”.

It was after discussing the issue with Left leaders that Chiranjeevi decided to go for the united Andhra plank instead of supporting the campaign for a separate state. Some leaders from Telangana region have urged him to announce that he would not oppose the formation of a separate state even if he came to power. The name of the party and other details regarding its agenda, flag, and election symbol are being kept under wraps.

Meanwhile, sources close to Chiranjeevi said he was perturbed at his proposed party being lampooned as a family venture. The actor’s brothers, K. Nagendra Babu and Pavan Kalyan, and brother in-law Allu Aravind are actively involved in the launch of the party and were slated to take up important posts. But Chiranjeevi’s political adviser, Dr Mitra, and others have cautioned him that this would send a negative message. The actor is now reportedly planning to keep Pavan Kalyan and Allu Aravind out of the party hierarchy to avoid criticism.

Mr Nagendra Babu is all set to take up responsibility as the party’s general secretary. “Only Mr Naga Babu will be in the party structure since Chiranjeevi does not want to give the wrong impression,” said the source. There are fears that this would trigger resentment in Pavan Kalyan, who was being projected as the youth wing leader.

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